Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever.

Anyone have one of these recently?

My son did. and it really was pretty cool. His best day ever entailed having a ‘Spongebob Christmas.’ He got a new bed set from the sheets to the comforter to the pillow cases.. to the rugs and the curtains and the alarm clock.. the boom box.. the piggy bank.. the Rainbow Loom… The list goes on and on!

I would have to say the best day ever that I myself have had was 6 1/2 years ago when God gave me such a wonderful blessing– my son. Everyday since then has been tough– it’s been hard, stressful, full of heart break… but, without this little boy I wouldn’t have a reason to smile. So throughout all of the horror that I’ve encountered, I do have this little boy who I wouldn’t trade in for any long term relationship.

Yup, that’s my fault right now. I can’t seem to meet anyone. I am going on the longest time being single. I’m that kind of girl who always had a boyfriend. But the past 6 years have been another story. Got myself into some crap but just landed on my two feet. I say I’m ready for that real kind of love but I’m still in the ‘enjoying being single’ phase. Truly single. Truly enjoying. So, we shall see. I miss having the small things but I don’t miss being suffocated with the wrong person. I will be happy and sincerely in love, the next time I fall in love…


Anyone else have any awesome memories or single life stories that they want to share? Please, contribute!


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