Emotionally Draining …

Am I the only one in this world who has emotionally draining human beings in my life? Let me be a little more clear: You wake up, get dressed, text your ‘friend’ good morning because God forbid you don’t respond to this person if they text you first your entire day will be ruined.. Yes, YOUR day. Because this person thinks that your incapable of even thinking of the way ‘she’ feels. So you wait a second, she responds, you then give her your excuse for not being able to do whatever it is she needs you to do for the day: Just wanted to say Good Morning! Heading off for a LONG, dreadful day! Talk to you tonight!. Well, you thought that was clear enough. So you now can proceed with your day. THAT big weight is lifted off of your shoulders. Now onto the kid running around in his underwear and you have to be to work in 13 minutes and the dog poop that you almost just walked into, and the large black lab whining because he still needs to go to the bathroom, eat, and then be let out again. And then, you hear the phone go off. The wonderful friend is already at it. Boy, oh boy. When every one of your mornings begin like this, and giving away your child is not an option nor your animals… theres only one answer. The friend. She’s just got to go. Everything with this friend. Okay, but let’s continue on. So, 8 minutes go by and you are finally in the car, in your work clothes– the dogs have ate and been let out, the lights are all off, the kid is dressed in 3 layers, and you have your head on your shoulders still… The morning is here. So you rush to school, drop your child off, and make the mistake of reading the texts from only 10 minutes earlier at this very minute and now you have an attitude. An attitude that everyone at your oh so wonderful job of cashiering is going to get. You try to brush it off. It doesn’t go away. You try to laugh at it. It doesn’t go away. You get angry. And bing bing, the anger has taken over!! Ya see, you made the mistake of not taking that ‘5 minutes’ out of your schedule to sit down and listen to every little thing your wonderful friend had to say, at 7 in the morning. That’s where you went wrong. BOY OH BOY! This is the kind of friend who for example, she lived in a duplex house renting it out for bare minimum, not paying a dime because she has welfare and all sorts of assistance (but people, don’t fool yourselves. You work 50 hours a week? And… You have 3 kids? And…. You have a husband or wife?? SO WHAT. This particular person,. oh, she is SO much better than you in EVERY way because she is a single (by choice, let me tell you. HIS choice!) mother of ONE and has it SO hard working and doing everrrrryyything on her own. And by everything, I mean every thing that everyone around her hasn’t already done for her! Back to the house. Ok, so. She’s lived there 5 years now– never had a problem, borrows from her landlord, and makes a decent salary being she doesn’t have anything to pay for… and it’s now time to replace her toilet seat cover. So she goes to the store, and she buys one. But, she ensures she gets a receipt because ‘Oh HELLLL NO, is SHE paying for it! She doesn’t own that house… oh no! Her landlord WILL pay for this’. Well, to cut this short, the landlord found it to be as humorous and disgusting and heart-wrenching.. yes people.. that feeling when you feel like your going to jump out of your skin, that is heart wrenching… So this particular friend, yup, she refuses to pay it so continually calls/texts/emails/messages in a bottle… you get the hint… for the ‘reimbursement’ of this toilet cover. Guess how much the toilet seat cover was? 3.80. THREE DOLLARS AND EIGHTY CENTS. 

This, my friends, THIS is emotionally draining. 

I am very obnoxious in the sense that I get sick of people really fast. There are very few people that have made it through the long haul of my life. But this, c’mon. And remind you, this is only one incident. ONE. Out of millions and millions.

She is the kind of person you invites you over and then if you don’t respond within her time frame, sorry! You missed out on your chance to be with her. 




My New Years Resolution::::: Ditch the friend. Slowly. And beware, because I’m sure this will surprise you: She is vindictive and would take the bra right off your back even though yours is clearly 5 times TOO SMALL, just to make you mad. 

So, now that you know she can’t get to my bra— the next thing she’ll go for is your house. Yup. She likes to roll like that. 

Anyone else have an emotionally draining friend? 

Or parent? Lover? Sister? Brother? 


Please, make my night and convince me I am NOT the only one on this planet to have to put up with this. 

She’s so high and mighty no one compares. 

I think it’s time to cut the strings. Any advice??? 



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