Survival Blog to… survive!

I love how company’s write, “We offer exceptional payment plans!” and when you are in need of them you call to set up a payment plan and they inform you that you aren’t eligible for this based on a response from a credit manager. Well, out of sh*ts and giggles I decided to have someone with perfect credit, and no need at all for a payment plan, call and ask the same. Surprise, Surprise she wasn’t eligible for a payment plan either! And I realized why– because it’s a scam to get people to sign up for their company. Heritage Energy in Ulster County is the absolute worst utility company… ever. They are rude, spiteful, and incredibly good at scamming people. And if they think I’m playing, I’m not. I am reporting them to the BBB everyday, and I mean everyday, until I find a new company. Because they know we are without hot water because they locked our propane tank and left us without. 

What a great company. Forget it. 


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