May Decemeber Relationships

I recently went on a date. This is pretty odd for me. I don’t date. I don’t know how to date. I don’t like to date. It’s just so much work for something that hardly works. I mind as well tell the entire story. So I’m having car issues. Lots of them. I gave up all hope on getting a brand new car and decided to fix my car instead. So I randomly call this place, excluding the name, and a nice gentleman answers. Very respectable and knowledgeable. He tells me to bring the car in. So I do. Turns out, the car is a wreck. He gives me a loaner car.. which I just learned that this type of thing doesn’t usually happen. So, okay. That’s awesome. I leave and head to a department store, Target, with hopes of getting a booster seat for my son. This is how frazzled I was— I went into Target for a booster seat and walked out with a dress, a Spongebob dvd, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coloring book… What happened?

As I was walking in, the owner of the car place called me. He told me a few things about my car and what was going to occur and so forth. Then out of nowhere asks me if I would like to have dinner. I said, “Dinner? Uh.” and he said, “Yes, dinner..” and I said, “Uh, uh, dinner!” and he said, “Yes.. you do eat dinner, don’t you?” and I said, “{with a little chuckle} Of course. Of course I eat dinner..” And he said.. “Well.. what time?” I was dumbfounded. And not because I hadn’t found him attractive. Because he was or is, attractive. I just was not expecting it. Not to mention, I then said, “I have my monkey..” And he said, “Okay, well what is monkeys favorite place to eat?” and I was still dumbfounded.

So anyways, point of this story. He is 30 years older than myself. And let me continue to reiterate he does not in any shape or form look anywhere near his age. So we went for dinner and I acted a little weird. I felt weird. I don’t know. I just feel like I was a little weird. But I haven’t been on a date in almost 7 years. He found this hard to believe as well, but I just haven’t had the time to date. There is hardly enough time in a day to work never mind date.

So my main question here is, Is this too much of an age gap? Now forget about the chemistry and all that. He was nice. He was funny. But I’m not used to dating and I’m not, I don’t know. I’m not normal. So let’s just focus on the age difference. I recently found out that they refer to such an age gap as a “May December” relationship, or vice versa. But another crazy fact is that my birthday is in May and his just happens to be in December. Pretty odd.

So lets hear everyone’s thoughts. What is too old?


4 responses to “May Decemeber Relationships

  1. In some cases, age is just a number. It’s about the connection between 2 people. In other cases – age can be a problem. Depends on the people and their maturity, depends on the relationship.

    I say, if you’re interested and he’s interested, why not see where it goes?

  2. I don’t like dating, either. I prefer making friends and not having romantic expectations. Sometimes friends expands to include intimacies of lovers, great when it happens. While I agree that age is just a number, it is also true that May-December relationships get a lot of hostility and ridicule. That said, I have known some successful relationships with a wide age gap. Just follow your heart. Don’t worry about being normal.

    • Thanks Joshua! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one despising ‘dating’. I believe in making friendships first, as well. This way you enter a relationship with someone you already know and share interests in common. Thank you for your comment and feel free to share any more advice on my site!!!! Have a wonderful night.

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