Obsessed with….

Obsessed with….

I have become overly obsessed with this new Redken product that has been hiding from the eyes of the public! I can’t believe it’s even been around for so long and I am just hearing about it. I went shopping for just a touch of blonde hair coloring and some new Aquage shampoo and hairspray and instead was led to the Redken products because they were on the Sale racks. Yup. The actual sale rack. I couldn’t believe it either. As most of you know I do have pretty long hair.. or I should say I used to have pretty long hair until I recently just cut off 6 inches of it. And no, I didn’t donate it although I wish I had. It was a spur of the moment ‘fix my head’ type of scenario where I even used a mall hairdresser. Yup… I know. But to my surprise I am actually loving my new cut and my fresh hair. But anywho, I am going to make a video… and I’m going to show you first hand how it works because I am in love with this styling mechanisms and shampoos. Its that wonderful smell first thing in the morning that grabs your attention and makes you want to eat your own hair.. Okay, maybe not your own hair. But you get the jist;


To be continued… in the daylight!




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