The Good Wife

Has anyone seen this show? I originally began to watch it because it had all 5 seasons on Hulu. Sadly enough, I watched it every free moment I had.. Before work, after work, my lunch break AT work.. it was bad. I watched all 5 seasons in a week. It was THAT good. The only complaint of Hulu Plus was that they dont have all of the seasons. I actually was forced to turn to Amazon Instant Video and buy 12 episodes at $1.99 each… Very disappointed. Especially because I just found out that CBS actually shows the most ten recent videos… So, needless to say, I purchased 10 unnecessary episodes that I could have watched directly from the website. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out you just wasted money… At the moment, it was going to a good cause. Now? I’m mildly bothered by such a thing. Just goes to show that you need to, need to, NEED to research this.


So with this said, I am now the researcher. I am going to go out of my way to ensure I provide up to date information on all the shows you are interested in. Shoot me a comment and I will do as much as I possibly can for you.


Random piece of advice for this rainy Wednesday:

This is a photo of all the staff of Microsoft in 1978, that’s Bill Gates on bottom left with the light blue shirt.Image


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