Examples of Eyeshadow primer, you might see these as expensive depending on your budget: MAC, smashbox, Urban decay, stila, laura mercier and these Eyeshadow primer might NOT be expensive for you epically if you are student or just a starter and works great as the expensive ones: elf, too faced, NYX, Loreal, coastal scents.

How to make your own primer:
One day you will run out of your expensive primer as I did this morning and desperately went searching the internet for something else to use… I had no luck. So I decided that I need to show everyone how to make your own primer which works 99.9998 percent as good as Urban Decay, Clinique, Coastal Scents, Maybelline, Laura Mercier and other good primers.

Step ONE:
{*} You will need a small tray, plate, mirror..etc, if you are going to create just a little for the day. I like to use the old Chinese food containers because they have the sealed top so it actually doesn’t get old. I am a sucker for saving so even tossing the littlest amount would make me upset. You can also go to a store like Michaels Arts & Crafts and buy small empty medicine droppers to fill them up with your own self-made eye primer!!

{*} You will need something for mixing like a spoon, a toothpick, a hair pin, or even an eye makeup brush (like the reusable plastic tips)

{*} The following makeup material:

1- Thick Cream or Moisturizer or Body Butter (I find coco butter to work perfectly)
2- Liquid Foundation
3- Liquid Concealer (few shades lighter than your actual color always makes your eyes look amazing)

{*} Now, you put equal amounts of all three into the medicine dropper. Very important that the concealer, body butter and foundation have EQUAL parts.

{*} Stir them for exactly 45 seconds. You need to ensure there aren’t any thick spots or bubbles because it CAN change the entire look.

– You can use only foundation or only concealer as eyeshadow primer but it doesn’t hold the shadow down as long as a primer. I’ve found that the creases start to show just a few hours in. Better to mix all three but it would work for quick photos or etc.
– You can mix foundation only with Facial Moisturizer to create eyeshadow primer if you don’t have a concealer lighter than your skin tone.
– if you have concealer and foundation that don’t match your skin tone, mix them together and make an eyeshadow primer out of it, as the picture below.

Have fun 🙂


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