Anyone fear of getting old?

In my current Human Services class we are learning all about Gerontology and it has got to be the most scariest topic that I have learned about (besides HIV/AIDS). Most people probably wouldn’t find this scary at all, but from where I stand with very little family and no super close friends, this is very scary. For starters, does anyone know the age that the word ‘elder’ refers to? It’s 50. Fifty years of age. I am almost 30 (few more months) which means that I have to have the best 20 years of my life before I become part of the ‘elderly’ club. Why is this scary? Well for starters we might never see our own Social Security funds nor any Medicare programs by the time we are in our 50’s. Okay— this is nothing. We knew this was eventually coming. The government is going bankrupt. Despite the fact that the government always finds a way to ‘get out of the hole’ they do it by…. taking away deductions and benefits that us taxpayers actually pay for. Every day. Every week. Every month that we work. All that money? It will just be gone with the wind.

Second scary fact. Population aging is succeeding rapidly in many industrialized countries, but those developing countries whose fertility declines began relatively early also are experiencing rapid increases in their proportion of elderly people. This pattern is expected to continue over the next few decades which will eventually affect the entire world.  Population aging has many important socio-economic and health consequences, including the increase in the old-age dependency ratio. It presents challenges for public health such as a possible bankruptcy of Medicare and related programs as well as for economic development such as shrinking and aging of labor force and the possible bankruptcy of social security systems.

Does anyone know how scary it can be to start looking at different Hospices’? Some people act as if it doesn’t bother them. No worries at all.

Do you think they are lying?

Of course they are. It’s every adults fear. Some people choose to use hospice care for medical support as well as to help reduce the amount of work and stress for the family and friends who would otherwise need to perform some of these tasks. Whether the patient resides at home, a nursing facility or hospital, health care professionals provide testing, monitoring and medicine dispensing. They also help clean, dress and feed the patient. As a child or friend of an elderly who needs this care it’s a difficult decision. I personally don’t think I would be able to just place my mother into a hospital but I would definitely look into having a nurse come to the home where I would reside with my mother. You hear so many horror stories about different institutions and the elderly getting abused that it’s not an easy decision. It’s a very difficult decision as it is, so to fear that someone is going to abuse or maltreat your own parent—that’s an entirely different painful concern. The elder needs someone to comfort him/her in a time that can be scary and confusing so the biggest concern is to keep the surroundings stable and peaceful.

Now. Does anyone understand my fear of getting old? Then, on top of all this, you are going through such a chemical inbalance from just the aging process alone that you won’t be able to process everything going on the way  you can now.

So to all the 30 year olds out there like me who live paycheck to paycheck——


i have placed a savings calculator here for all of you to see how much you can have saved in just a few years.

Please, put just 20.00 aside every month and look at what you will have in 30 years. Add interest onto that and see what you can have.

It’s so important. I have actually set up an account for my own child so one day, there will be money aside for him despite my own lack of responsibility on my own behalf. Take this seriously. This is your future. Forget about college, forget about those new shoes or that new game system. Those come and go and just get bigger and more expensive. You only live just once….

Here is the link for the savings calculator:


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